‘Save the scenic views’ shirt too racy to make students aware of breast cancer

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Jeremy Alexander, a junior at Southmoore High School in Moore, Okla., found himself in a pinch on Friday because he wore a shirt to raise awareness about breast cancer emblazoned with the words “twin peaks.”

Alexander said he was suspended for wearing the shirt to school, reports local Fox affiliate KOKH.

“They tried to tell me to take it off but I refused to change,” he declared.

Under the pink words “twin peaks” are two mountainous, snow-covered pink humps.

The shirt also contains the words “save the scenic views” and a pink ribbon, the international symbol of breast cancer awareness.

Alexander said he and a fellow male classmate, senior Deric Winters, worked together to design the shirt and make it a reality.

The two students sought to sell the shirts on school grounds. School officials declined, however.

Undaunted, Alexander and Winters very appropriately sold the shirt through Twin Peaks, a local breastaurant along the lines of Hooters.

“Several teachers that are also women bought my shirt,” Alexander noted, according to ABC affiliate KTNV.

The principal of South Moore High, Roy Smith, said that no students were suspended over the busty garb. He said Alexander was only instructed to go home and get a new shirt.

Smith also noted that students at the school had been selling shirts urging students to “save second base.” He said he outlawed those shirts, too, once he found out about them.

“I know nothing about a shirt that said, ‘big or small save them all,'” Smith added at the end of a slightly cryptic statement.

The “save the scenic views” shirt designers say they just don’t understand why their shirts are so controversial.

“I was wearing it for a good cause which is all that should matter,” Alexander told KOKH.


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