BREAKING: Kate Middleton plays volleyball [PHOTOS]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Kate Middleton, a very wealthy and famous woman who gave birth to the future king of England three months ago, played volleyball Thursday.


The Duchess of Cambridge bumped, set and spiked it in a very practical volleyball-playing outfit consisting of high-heeled wedges, tight jeans and a snug blazer.  BRITAIN-ROYALS-CATHERINE-SPORTS


During several moments in the game Kate raised her arms to hit the ball, which in turn raised her striped top above her navel, displaying a taut midriff, causing women everywhere to feel suicidal about the state of their own midriffs. BRITAIN-ROYALS-CATHERINE-SPORTS

Her impossibly thick and bouncy hair cascaded down her shoulders, giving merit to the theory that we made up just right now that she is a witch or some other type of freak of nature.





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