High school dude snaps this selfie with his teacher behind him IN LABOR

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On Thursday, a junior at Coral Springs High School in the sunny suburban sprawl north of Miami decided that the best thing to do when his teacher went into labor in front of class was to take a selfie of the situation — with his distressed teacher squarely in the background.

As the student, who goes by @SpideyNikka on Twitter, smiles winsomely in the foreground, his teacher is at her desk in the background clearly in the midst of a contraction. According to Miami ABC affiliate WPLG, the mother-to-be was on the phone assuring her own mother that everything was going to be okay.

Turns out, the baby was not ready to be delivered. After going to the hospital, the teacher left and returned to school later in the day.

Here are a few choice tweets concerning the viral kerfuffle:





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