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SHOCK REPORT: Chris Matthews says MSNBC hosts are under pressure to be even bigger jerks

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Is that even possible?

Noah Rothman, Mediaite:

In a wide-ranging interview with Ora.TV host Larry King, MSNBC host Chris Matthews admitted that the hosts on the liberal cable news network are under “group pressure” to display a more liberal partisan slant…

When asked if there was any pressure on him specifically to be more openly partisan, Matthews said that there was. “Oh, I feel it,” he said. “I think it’s there.”

“I think you know your audience,” Matthews added. “I always know who I’m talking to. But I always want to keep a chunk of Republicans as well as Democrats.”

See? It’s not his fault that he blurts out a bunch of demented gibberish every night. He’s under pressure!

I wonder how big of a “chunk of Republicans” he gets? Jeff Poor, that’s one.

What does Matthews thinks he says to attract and maintain a Republican audience? Calling them racists all the time? That’s one way of drawin’ ’em in, I guess…

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