Penn Jillette: Government shutdown ‘seemed jive-ass’

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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What did libertarian magician Penn Jillette think of the recent government shutdown? He kind of liked it.

“The government ‘shut down’ seemed jive-ass. I hated all the hysterical bullshit,” Jillette, the vocal half of the magic duo Penn & Teller, said during a Reddit  “Ask Me Anything” session Friday.

Jillette’s answers during the “Ask Me Anything” session were short and often left readers wanting more.

Asked what he would ask President Barack Obama if he had the chance, Jillette replied, “What the fucking fuck?”

He didn’t elaborate, but Jillette has been highly critical of Obama in the past, particularly the administration’s continuance of the war on drugs.

Asked “the one thing that’s really pissing you off right now,” Jillette said, “I’m pretty bummed by The New York Times — I may have to stop reading it.”

Again, no elaboration as to why.

As for what he thinks of the tea party, Jillette said, “The tea party claims to want small government. I’m not sure thye [sic] really do, but I agree with the idea.”

Earlier this year, The Daily Caller visited Jillette in Las Vegas and had an extensive conversation with him about his libertarian worldview, including how it applies to foreign policy.

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