Ted Cruz stalker inspired by Democratic Party messaging materials

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The man under FBI investigation for making violent threats against Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz was inspired to encourage violence by Democratic Party messaging efforts.

Troy Gilmore, Jr., who identifies himself as having served in the U.S. Navy, is under FBI investigation for possible violent threats on Twitter against Republican senator Cruz. The FBI has communicated with Gilmore as part of the investigation and is monitoring for possible violence inspired by Gilmore’s online writings.

“Given this is a security matter, all I can say is that we have notified the appropriate authorities of the threats,” Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told The Daily Caller.

The Twitter account of Gilmore, named “DarkNight,” is now protected. But Gilmore wrote numerous threats toward Cruz on his Facebook page, the address of which ends with the term “countdown543,” while linking to anti-Republican activist web pages paid for by the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and a Democratic congressional campaign.

“I WILL SAY IT AGAIN LET’S GO TO TED CRUZ,HOME AND KICK HIS STINKING ASS FOR CAUSING THIS MESS.YOU CAN BET HE HAS HIS PAYCHECK AND HEALTH BENEFITS FROM THE SENATE AND CANADA. HE LIVES AT [address redacted by The Daily Caller], THE FUCKING SCUM,” Gilmore posted on Facebook October 14, linking to a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee web page entitled “Demand Ted Cruz Denounce Disgusting Tea Party Attacks on President Obama.”

“Show up at Ted Cruz’s home he is the dirt bag fucker who caused all of this shit to take place.Lets drag him out hid damn home and kick his ass [address redacted by The Daily Caller].The damn scum bag of a U.S.Senator,from the sorry ass state that hates women,and to think this Pussy is married to one,” Gilmore posted to Facebook October 14, linking to a petition to House Republicans paid for by the campaign of Democratic Rep. Brad Schneider.

“Well since Ted Cruz,started all of this mess let’s show up at his home in Houston,and slap him around. [Address redacted by The Daily Caller],” Gilmore wrote October 14, linking to Schneider’s campaign’s petition.

“So they want to disrespect the ‘WHITE HOUSE’ Lets disrespect Ted Cruz home address at [address redacted by The Daily Caller],” Gilmore also wrote on Facebook October 14, noting that when you “disrespect the ‘WHITE HOUSE’ that is when you have crossed the line.”

“Why don’t we all show up at Ted Cruz,house in Texas,and beat the hell out of him,because he trying to be another Sarah Palin,has caused all of this that has taken place,and all those asshole Tea Party Pricks and that Wimpy ass Speaker of the House John Boehner,have caused this problem in the country,and they want Obama,and the Democrats to compromise,” Gilmore posted on Facebook October 8, linking to a web page paid for by the Democratic National Committee blaming Cruz for the shutdown and encouraging people to “Tell the GOP that it’s time to get the government back up and running.”

“Compromise what!! they did not cause this that assholes on the other side did.So lets show up at Ted Cruz house in Texas,and show him how angry he has made all of us as American people and than go after the wimp of a speaker John Boehner,” Gilmore wrote.

“Lets all rally at the new Sarah Palin which is Ted Cruz,and his big mouth and meet at his home in Texas,and kick his fucking ass for causing all of this I have had enough of this shit,” Gilmore wrote on Facebook October 8, linking to a Democratic National Committee web page.

Gilmore has also linked on Facebook to a web page from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee featuring a Rachel Maddow clip and the progressive reform group CREDO Action, called Marco Rubio “the new Uncle Tom.of the people of color comunity” and encouraged Americans to “RISE UP” and “KICK THESE TEA PARTY MOTHER FUCKERS OUT OF OFFICE COME 2014.”

Gilmore identifies himself on Facebook as a native of Orange, New Jersey who lives in Winter Park, Florida.

Despite dealing with liberal threats on his safety, Cruz and his supporters are consistently painted by the liberal media as extremists.

” These days, when you say “Texas” in the context of heavy-breathing Republican extremism, everybody immediately thinks of Senator Ted Cruz. Which is really unfair when there are so many other members of the state delegation trying to do their part,” talentless New York Times humor columnist Gail Collins wrote Sunday in a column entitled “A Ted Cruz on Every Corner.”

Gilmore did not return a Facebook request for comment. The Democratic National Commitee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee did not return requests for comment.

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