‘Breaking Bad’: Walter White was laid to rest in Albuquerque

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Walter White, who is not a real person but a figment of Vince Gilligan’s imagination, was laid to rest in Albuquerque, N.M. (where the show took place) over the weekend.

The erstwhile chemistry teacher-turned-meth king was given an actual funeral procession through the street let by a hearse and Walt and Jesse’s RV meth lab, KOP Eyewitness News reports.

The procession led mourners — who really should move on at this point, because it’s been four weeks for crying out loud — to a cemetery where a real grave was dug for an empty coffin. Crazy people “Breaking Bad” fans paid for dirt to throw on the coffin, which is marked with a gravestone.

Unfortunately for fans of Lydia, Todd and the Aryan brotherhood gang, there is no fake funeral in the works for them.

But while Walt’s funeral raised $17,000 for the charity Healthcare for the Homeless, other people who missed out on the greatest TV series of all time are not too pleased.

There is now a petition to remove the gravestone, because people with family members buried at the cemetery are upset that the gravesite and cemetery will become a tourist attraction. Maybe someone just needs to slip this totally awesome box set into their Christmas stockings and they will understand that the grief “Breaking Bad” fans have is legit.


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