Kanye West is selling Confederate flag merchandise at his concerts [PHOTOS]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Kanye West’s art is so complex and deep that it is totally okay for him to use the Confederate flag to sell overpriced T-shirts and if you don’t like it, you just don’t get it. Or something like that.

Yeezus is selling T-shirts emblazoned with the Confederate flag on them at his concerts and people are not happy about it.

(Background: The Confederate flag is a highly controversial symbol of the Confederate states [the group of predominately pro-slavery states that lost the Civil War back in the day] and is widely considered by many — with the exception of Ted Nugent — to be quite racist.)

But Kanye paired the Confederate flag with skulls and other Grim Reaper-type imagery to sell for $50+ to drunken hipsters in between sets at his concerts.

Hip Hop Wired took some photos of the merchandise at the first stop on Kanye’s Yeezus tour in Seattle, Wash. on Saturday.

Kanye West confederate flag shirt Yeezus merch


(All photos via Hip Hop Wired)

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