ObamaSCARE: Halloween decorations get political

Charlotte Errity Contributor
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In Waxhaw, N.C., Halloween decorations have a political message in the front of John Mazur’s front lawn.

The spooky décor is his own political commentary on the Affordable Care Act, according to Charlotte WCNC.

The décor mimics a graveyard, with tombstones reading, “U.S. Economy R.I.P.,” “Socialized Medicine,” “Full time Jobs” and “American Healthcare.”

The centerpiece of the display is a black coffin with the words “Obamacare Insurance Exchange” written on it. With Obamacare, he says, gesturing toward the tombstones, “comes the death of American health care.”

“Everything hit the fan on Oct. 1,” Mazur, a father of two, a veterinarian, and a small business owner, told WCNC. “I’m seeing the cost for my staff going up. Their health plan goes up 37 percent this year.”

And what do the neighbors think?

“People driving by — I’ve gotten a lot of honks,” Mazur said. “A lot of people stopping to take pictures in front of the signs, so I think everyone is enjoying it, but I think they also appreciate the message that is behind the decorations.”

Mazur insists that he’s not a political activist, but just a dad who cares about his business. “For people who disagree or for some reason think Obamacare works for them, I hope they appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor aspect of it, also.”

Watch the video below for a tour of the Obamacare graveyard: