Mark Levin: George Will is ‘trying to rationalize soft tyranny’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Monday radio show, conservative talk show host Mark Levin took aim at The Washington Post’s George Will, who in his most recent column pointed out the lack of will to compromise in Washington, something he says both the tea party and President Barack Obama have in common.

That call for compromise according to Levin an effort to “rationalize soft tyranny” by Will, which is in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution.

“I guess what I’m troubled by is I do not see a will to fight or even articulate a rational position by so many on the so-called right,” Levin said. “I view [George] Will’s column as trying to rationalize soft tyranny. That’s how I see it. I don’t know how much further we can go in the country toward centralized government. The government is now making decisions about our medical care. The government actually involved in virtually every aspect of our life in one way or another, to some degree or another. To talk about Madison’s document, the Constitution, as if we’re somehow still bound by it in many respects and in many respects we’re not, is to me absurd.”



“The individual is under attack,” he continued. “Private property rights are under attack. Capitalism generally is under attack. The Constitution is under attack, what’s left of it. These institutions are out of control in Washington. The fiscal situation — the federal fiscal situation is a complete and utter disaster and what’s going on is unconscionable. The monetary system is out of control trying to fund the fiscal system. We have politicians who are demanding more power. We have politicians who are demanding to spend more. I don’t see any governor on this. I don’t mean state governor, I mean governor like on a car. I don’t see any governor controlling this. And we’re told to tamp it down, to dial it back. Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t control anything. We don’t control the Supreme Court or the bureaucracy or the presidency.”

Levin pointed to the presidency of Ronald Reagan as a time when conservatives controlled the government and noted the prosperity of the 1980s.

“They do — one party or the other. We don’t control it. And when is the last time an unabashed conservative controlled anything in the federal government, other than Reagan? And look what happened — economic activity exploded, job creation exploded. Freedom expanded, not only in this country but other countries around the world. The Soviet Union was on its way to dissolution. And now the Republican Party — it has abandoned Reagan. It has abandoned the Constitution and it has abandoned conservatism. And we’re told to cool it, just cool it.”

Levin called Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer’s recent reference to the “McConnell rule”, which would allow automatic increases to the debt ceiling unless Congress disapproves them, is something that is in direct conflict with the Constitution and that should not be compromised on, as Will suggested.

“This is no joke,” he said. “This is nothing to ignore. The McConnell rule destroys Congress. So we have these temporary politicians willing to almost do anything to muscle through a situation with Obama, and Will is writing about compromise. Compromise with what, about what? There are certain things you don’t compromise. The Constitution is one of them. Slavery is one of them. And on and on and on.”

“Washington will not reform itself,” Levin added. “Why don’t you address that? Washington will not pull back. It’s got its foot on the gas pedal and it’s not letting up.”

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