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CNBC host Steve Liesman: Let’s play some ‘Mexican music’ and talk about Ted Cruz

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Who isn’t Mexican. Racist lies, man. But whatever, right? Cruz is a Republican, and he thinks Obama is wrong, and therefore we’re not supposed to like him.

Truth Revolt:

On Tuesday morning’s CNBC Squawk Box, senior economics reporter Steve Liesman blamed the weak jobs report on Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). He said, “We’re going to call this the Senator Ted Cruz jobs report. These are the jobless claims of Senator Ted Cruz.” As CNBC showed a picture of Cruz, Liesman added, “There he is! There he is! Can we get some music to go along with that, some Mexican music maybe?”

I don’t need to tell you what would happen if a Fox News host introduced a segment on President Barack Obama with, “Can we get some music to go along with that, some African music maybe?” You wouldn’t need to hear it from me, because it’d be everywhere.

Racism, sexism, and every other -ism is really bad, unless you’re directing it at people who oppose the will of liberals.

But hey, at least Liesman didn’t make any death threats.

Note to Liesman: Any statement that contains the word “if” is not an apology. Try again.