Obama’s ShamWow speech showcased misleading witness [VIDEO]

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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President Barack Obama used a Monday Rose Garden ceremony to showcase a woman who got healthcare services via Obamacare — but both hid the fact that the woman had bypassed his website’s defective subsidy software.

The woman, Janice Baker, is wealthy enough to pay for her gold-level plan without applying for subsidies that are central to the Obamacare program.

“I wasn’t able to apply for any subsidies,” she told The Daily Caller. Her income exceeded the law’s caps, and so she used the website to connect with her new healthcare company, she told TheDC Oct. 23.

“I’m very happy” with the healthcare plan, said Baker, age 59. who runs the “Heavenly Hound Hotel” in Selbyville, Del., with her spouse.

Her gold plan costs between $8,772 to $9,924 per year in premiums..

Her husband, who does not have a preexisting condition, bought private insurance outside the Obamacare site, she said.

Baker testified at Obama’s Rose Garden ceremony that she had enrolled in a defined-benefit plan via the troubled website, but she didn’t reveal that she had bypassed the flawed subsidy software.

The subsidy software has proved to be a critical problem on the website, because it is complicated and must be verified via complex links to multiple other government databases.

The subsidy software is also politically vital because it reduces voters’ sticker-shock once they see the monthly premiums, co-pays and deductibles of each, government-approved benefit plan.

The software is also needed to allow poor Americans to buy the expensive, government-designed benefit plans now being presented by the healthcare companies.

Since the exchanges opened on Oct. 1, the administration has downplayed  problems and has hidden data about the number of people who have enrolled in private sector benefit plans.

The data has not been published, or even released to supportive Democratic legislators on the Hill.

In his speech — which was widely panned as a crude TV-pitch — Obama also obscured Brown’s ability to bypass the troubled software.

When the president walked into the garden, he simply invited her to speak, without making any introduction or description.

“Hello. My name is Janice Baker,” Baker began.

“I’m the first person in the state of Delaware to enroll for health insurance through the new marketplace… it took me a number of frustrating attempts before I could apply for and select my plan… I was able to find a policy I am thrilled with, saving $150 a month, and much lower deductibles than my previous policy that I held through my small business,” she said.

“I’m here today to encourage other people like me who needs access to quality, affordable insurance, and to tell them to have patience with such a new system,” she said.

“Thank you all.  And I am now honored to introduce the President of the United States,” she ended.

“Thank you, Janice,” Obama replied. “Many Americans with a preexisting condition, like Janice, are discovering that they can finally get health insurance like everybody else,” he continued.

Baker was part of a group of 13 people showcased by the president. Only three, however, had actually completed the sign-up process via the website. The other two people were David Hall, and Zohre Abolfazli, who had not selected a plan. (RELATED: Group behind Obama at Rose Garden speech includes only 3 Obamacare registrents)

Baker’s gold plan is offered by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Prior to the plan, Baker was insured by a plan from United Health. However, Obamacare regulations have forced many companies to cancel current insurance plans.

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