Univ. of Iowa teaching assistant inadvertently emails explicit nude images to her students

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In a class called “business for math” at the University of Iowa, the solutions a teaching assistant provided for a couple pre-calculus questions were a lot more awesome than students were probably expecting.

On Tuesday night, the female teaching assistant accidentally sent nude images of herself to 28 students in her class, reports local ABC affiliate KCRG.

“Hi Class,” the short, chipper email read. “I attach the solutions for number 76 and 78 in this email.”

The purported solutions turned out to be a set of photos of the unidentified teacher along with an unidentified male. The two are naked as jaybirds and having all kinds of self-propelled fun.

“I cannot post them here for obvious reasons. However, I’ll try to describe them for you,” writes Roger Dorn at the website Total Frat Move, which managed to acquire the images.

“The images are from a video chat that is quite sexual in nature,” Dorn explains. “It appears that two people are ‘cyber-sexing’ from different locations using video equipment. Both are nude and, well, ‘engaging’ themselves in a sexual manner. They appear to be having a grand time. Furthermore, some of the images are in .gif form (short, animated clips).”

Naturally, by Wednesday morning, news of the naked photos had spread across campus via Twitter.

The teaching assistant had a discussion section scheduled at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning. A tipster told Total Frat Move that she was “trying to act like nothing happened.” Nevertheless, class this morning was reportedly “extremely awkward.”

She failed to show up to an afternoon class, according to the Daily Mail.

It’s not clear if the students in the afternoon class are the ones who received the explicit images.

A spokesman for the university, Tom Moore, told radio station KWWL that the teacher “regrets her actions.” School officials are asking students who received the images not to share them, and to delete them.

It’s not clear if the administration what, if anything, the administration will do next.

The Princeton Review crowned the University of Iowa as the greatest party school in America for its 2013-2014 rankings.

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