Aussie cricketer’s girlfriend caught re-enacting risque story on live TV [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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Cricket is not the most riveting sport and sports reporter for Channel 9 in Australia Yvonne Sampson found something more interesting to talk about than the game with her pals. To help illustrate her story, she provided various hand gestures, motions and facial expressions.

Unfortunately for her, that was the exact moment that the TV cameras picked her out in the crowd, sending the entire commentary staff in to fits of laughter. To make matters worse, at the very moment that Sampson was energetically retelling her story, her boyfriend — Chris Lynn Batsman for the Queensland Bulls — who she had come to see play, was being interviewed by the side of the pitch.

A highly embarrassed Sampson explained to that she was retelling a story from work.

“I was telling the story of how we were throwing mini Christmas trees in the studio one time when a cameraman was caught thrusting away on one,” Sampson said.

The one announcer who managed to keep his composure as his colleges were cracking up in the background informed the audience that the score was 162 to 4.

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