Dan Snyder’s neighbor creates company named ‘Washington Brave Hearts’

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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In the latest act of what has now become a Redskins circus, a wealthy patent investor in Potomac, Md., has filed paperwork in the state of Maryland to create a company named “Washington Brave Hearts.”

Aris Mardirossian lives just down the street from Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

Redskins representatives say that Snyder does not know Mardirossian and the name has no connection to the Redskins, TMZ reports. Mardirossian registered the name on Oct. 17 and also created a company called “Washington Brave Hearts LLC” on the same day.

TMZ said that Mardirossian hung up on its phone calls. This is just another distraction in the bigger issue of people being offended by things that don’t concern them.

Also, the name Brave Hearts could be skewed to be racist against those of Scottish descent. Will the players have to eat haggis and wear wool uniforms? This is just tasteless.

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