Police raid house for drugs, steal sneakers, video games and cash [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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A Fort Worth police officer has been arrested after stealing several pairs of shoes from a suspect’s house.

Fourteen-year veteran Sergeant Anton Williams was in charge of the drugs raid on Marquis Green’s House, which was carried out after drug buys were made by undercover officers.

One neighbor described what she saw:

“We looked out the window, and the police big van and police is everywhere, and they had the big old shotguns, and all of that.”


No drugs were found in Green’s house during the raid.

Speaking after the raid, Green said: “No, They didn’t find no drugs in the house at all,” Green said. “They just took shoes. Brand new shoes I ain’t ever wore… They is the bad guys, really. They just got a badge on their side, that’s the only thing.”

When Green returned to his home, he found that several pairs of expensive sneakers were missing, as well as a video game and thousands of dollars in cash that he and his girlfriend had been saving.

Two officers tipped off Internal Affairs that Sergeant Williams had taken the shoes, and another raid was carried out, this time at Sergeant Williams’s house, where officers found four pairs of shoes identical to the ones missing from Green’s house.

Locals were shocked and angry to discover that Green had been robbed by the people supposed to serve and protect them.

“Get outta here! Oh my god, I didn’t know that part,” one lady told NBC5 reporters. “That is crazy. It’s like they doing a drug bust just to rob somebody, and that’s not right, you know.”

Antquenette Green, Marquis’s sister, was appalled.

“It’s OK to take the stuff that you come to take, but don’t take extra,” she said.

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