America’s worst university continues to depress

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Florida Atlantic University continues to find new ways to demonstrate that it is clearly the worst place in America to go to college.

In one incident last week, someone at the FAU campus library allegedly denied a gay man’s request to check out a laptop for a communications class because of his demeanor.

“She looked at the I.D. and looked down at it. She said, ‘You sound, look and act like a girl and in this I.D. is a man, therefore I’m not giving you a laptop,'” charged the student, Abdul Asquith, according to local NBC affiliate WPTV.

Asquith told the station he does like to dress in feminine clothing on occasion. However, he said, on this day he was dressed in shorts and an FAU hoodie. His long hair was pull backed.

He noted that the I.D. was his campus identification, which he had received in March 2012.

“It looks just like me. I identify with my I.D. I wasn’t there dressed up. I didn’t have a dress on. I wasn’t dressed in character,” Asquith told WPTV.

Asquith explained that he was eventually able to check out the laptop he wanted after speaking to a couple more librarians.

Neither the FAU library nor FAU representatives offered any comment.

Also last week, a student’s armed robbery report turned out to be a hoax apparently designed to cover up the fact that he was roughed up by some dudes over a drug-related debt.

FAU student Vincent Phillips, 25, had told police that five men forced themselves into his vehicle parked near the recreation center after he got inside, reports The Palm Beach Post.

According to the tale weaved by Phillips, the men then forced him to drive to a bank and withdraw cash. They then told him to drive to a nearby town where they beat him up.

One of the men was armed, Phillips added for good measure.

Turns out, Phillips later admitted to campus police that he was, in fact, beaten up. However, he reportedly admitted that the attack occurred when as he was paying up on a drug-related obligation.

The student now faces the possibility of criminal charges as the result of his admitted fabrication. He may also face disciplinary proceedings at FAU.

As The Post notes, the allegations made by Phillips had been the second report of an armed robbery on campus in a one-week period.

These two incidents are the latest in an ever-burgeoning series of humiliations for FAU.

Earlier this year, the public, taxpayer-funded university summoned Dylan Bouscher, the editor-in-chief of FAU’s University Press student newspaper, on disciplinary charges for having the audacity to practice routine journalism. (RELATED: America’s worst university now punishes student journalist for practicing journalism)

In September, wackadoodle communications professor James Tracy speculated on his personal blog, Memory Hole that the mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard in September could have been an elaborate hoax. (RELATED: Bizarro professor spouts Navy Yard conspiracy theory)

After the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings, the nutty professor took to his blog question official accounts of the terror attack, arguing that play could actors could have been involved. (RELATED: Professor calls Boston Bombings ‘mass casualty drill’)

Back in December, Tracy advocated conspiracy theories about the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. (RELATED: Public university professors join ranks of Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists)

Over the summer, Florida Atlantic adopted a draconian “Free Speech and Campus Civility” policy which insists “that everyone in the FAU community behave and speak to and about one another in ways that are not racist, religiously intolerant or otherwise degrading.” (RELATED: Florida Atlantic University is still the worst place in America to attend college)

In March, the the academic laughingstock tried to punish a student who expressed discomfort with a professor’s assignment to stomp on a piece of paper bearing the word “Jesus.” (RELATED: Florida Atlantic issues new groveling apology over Jesus-stomping)

Also last year, Mary Jane Saunders, FAU’s then-president, hit a student protester with the side mirror of her Lexus. The protesters were objecting to an agreement to name the school’s football stadium after a for-profit prison company.

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