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Author Nick Adams: What has happened to American men? [VIDEO]

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In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Australian author of “American Boomerang” and speaker Nick Adams declared his unapologetic love of America — and weighed in on the decimation of men and male culture in America.

The deliberate relegation of American past times has lead to men in America being alienated and isolated in society, Adams argued.

“All aspects of male culture have been called in to question,” Adams said. “Whether it’s gathering around on a Sunday afternoon to watch the football with a few friends, whether it is going to the range and shooting some guns, whether it is just being a male has now been really made suspect — and that is a very dangerous thing. We see it coming from all levels of society. We see it coming from the government; we see it coming from the feminists.”

Nick Adams - American Boomerang - Courtesy of

Nick Adams – American Boomerang – Courtesy of


Catch the rest of Nick Adams’s interview on Monday.

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