Bunny Ranch owner supports bid to bring 2016 GOP convention to Las Vegas

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch strongly supports a formal bid to bring the 2016 Republican National Convention to Las Vegas, The Daily Caller has learned.

“It’s a great idea because we can bring the politicians to the hookers rather than the hookers to the politicians,” Dennis Hof, owner of Nevada’s legendary (and legal) brothel, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, told TheDC.

Nevada Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki is leading the group making a formal bid to bring the GOP to Vegas, joining with groups including the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and various Nevada business leaders.

“Las Vegas is the No. 1 convention destination in North America,” Krolicki said. “We do it better than anyone else in the country.”

Unlike the hurricane-scarred 2012 Republican convention in Tampa, Fla. that failed to ignite Romney-mania, the possible Vegas convention could have tremendous advantages for the Republican Party, according to Hof.

“The Democrats will hate the fact that [the convention] is in Las Vegas because there won’t be any chance of a sex scandal. If they do it right and they do it legal, there’s no chance anyone will find out about it,” Hof said. “I can supply limos and liquor for all of our good guys there. A lot of them are probably our customers anyway,” Hof added. Hof, who said he is willing to speak on behalf of free enterprise at the convention, suggested that the convention’s theme could be “Avoid Getting Herman Cain’ed.”

“We’re hoping that the GOP comes to Vegas because then Sen. Vitter can come to Denis Hof’s Cathouse outside of Las Vegas and not have to end up on any madam’s list,” Hof said, referring to Louisiana’s junior Republican senator.

This reporter fully supports efforts of the Nevada Host Committee, Inc. and respectfully submits that any Republican rejecting this proposal is a RINO who stands with our enemies.

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