‘Absolute a$$hole’: Coburn doubles down on what he thinks of Harry Reid

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn doubled down on criticism of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday, after he reportedly called him an “absolute asshole” at an event in New York on Monday.

Coburn did not deny the report when he was asked about the comment at a press conference Tuesday.

“Well, my conversations in a private meeting will be handled with Speaker Reid in private conversation,” he said.

Asked how he would characterize the majority leader, Coburn did not pull any punches.

“I think he’s done more damage to the Senate than any majority leader,” he said. “Seventy-five times he’s used filling the tree and filing cloture to eliminate debate, to eliminate the idea that the Senate was supposed to forced consensus.”

When further questioned on how strong his distaste for the majority leader was, and whether he might use profanity to describe him, Coburn demurred.

“Like I said, my conversations with Sen. Reid will be in private,” he replied.

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