Uber is delivering kittens to your office today

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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In honor of National Cat Day, Uber is bringing kittens to offices in New York, San Francisco and Seattle, literally.

Between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., you can request kitten delivery through the Uber app.

Requesting kitten play time will run you $20 for 15 minutes of snuggling, a cupcake from Ace of Cakes and an “Uberiffic Cat Pack.” According to Uber’s blog, all the proceeds from this special promotion will go to a local shelter in each city.

They warn that it may take some time to get your kitty time.

“Demand for kittens will be very high and availability very limited,” Uber writes. “It may take multiple tries to find available kittens. Please be patient! We’ll be working all day to deliver as many kitten snuggles as possible.”

If you fall in love with the little fuzzy face, you can adopt it. All the kittens being shuttled around the big cities are looking for forever homes, and those interested in the kittens can contact the shelters’ representatives to adopt.

Uber is encouraging those partaking in this event to share their pictures, videos and anything else on social media with the hashtag #ICanHasUberKittens.

Hopefully they start doing more promotions like this in the future. If they could do “on-demand otters,” “have a hedgehog,” or “lease a lemur” on a regular basis, there would be no reason to use any other company for anything.

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