Christie, one year after Sandy: ‘When things need to be yelled about,’ look to me [VIDEO]

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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One year after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the New Jersey coast, Governor Chris Christie returned to the site of the damage on Tuesday to survey recovery progress and rally local residents.

In video shot by the governor’s office, Christie is shown telling a crowd in the heavily-damaged town of Sea Bright that “the job that I consider the greatest job I’ll ever have transformed itself because of Sandy from a job to a mission.”

“While there might be other kinds of governors,” Christie continued, “I’ll tell you this, when things need to be knocked over; when things need to be yelled about; when things need to be fixed; when we need to do things — I’ll fight as hard as anybody in this country for the people I represent.”


Christie’s handling of the Sandy aftermath left New Jerseyans with a favorable impression of their hefty Republican governor.

With less than a week until election day, Christie is set to be re-elected by a landslide, and is now polling ahead of his Democratic opponent Barbara Buono by 33 points.

Christie also recalled telling shore visitors to “get the hell off the beach” as the storm approached.

“I had governors from around the country call me and ask if I really told people to ‘get the hell off the beach.’ ‘What’s happening there after you said that?’ You’ve never been here have you?” Christie said.

“These are my people. This is the way we talk here.”

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