Memo: LAX shooter was an off-duty TSA agent [UPDATED]

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Update, 4:24 p.m.: Multiple news outlets are reporting that the gunman’s name is 23-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia, who is not believed to have worked for the TSA.

Read the original story below:

The Los Angeles International Airport shooter was an off-duty Transportation Security Administration agent, according to an internal law enforcement memo obtained by The Daily Caller.

The brief memo further explains that the shooter is down but still alive, that he opened fire at the Terminal 3 checkpoint and “shot his way through the terminal,” that three people were wounded, and one TSA officer was killed.

“Reports of second shooter have not been confirmed,” the memo added.

Full memo:

  • Shooter down, but reportedly still alive.
  • Shooter is a TSA officer that was off duty.
  • He opened fire at the checkpoint for T3 and shot his way through terminal.
  • Three victims wounded and one on duty TSA officer shot and killed.
  • Reports of second shooter have not been confirmed.
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