Report: Justin Bieber visited brothel in Brazil

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Justin Bieber had a pretty eventful weekend, you guys.

On Friday, the Biebs, 19, was spotted sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel — a structure that Webster’s defines as “a building in which prostitutes are available.”

According to Page Six, Bieber and three friends “spent more than three hours in the popular whorehouse Centauros in Rio de Janeiro — before leaving with two women,” which if you think about it, is a pretty impressive amount of time for a 19-year-old guy!

Bieber — covered in a sheet with the Centauros logo — and his crew plus the two ladies of the evening jumped into the back of a black SUV and went back to the pop star’s hotel.

One source told Page Six that Bieber was kicked out of the hotel for partying, doing drugs and bringing prostitutes back to his room. But another “source” who is probably Bieber’s manager, said that he left voluntarily because of the mob of fans surrounding the hotel.

The day after entertaining some prostitutes, Bieber acted like a petulant little child during his concert.

During Bieber’s performance in Rio on Saturday night, some delightful fan threw a bottle of water onstage, which hit the delicate little flower and knocked the microphone out of his hands.

He then stormed off the stage and never came back. In all fairness, he probably didn’t get much sleep the night before. Can you really blame the guy?

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