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The solution to all of Obamacare’s problems: cutesy, delusional PSAs

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Appropriately enough, the following Obamacare propaganda video was released on Halloween. Trick or… well, that’s it, really.

You got what you voted for, kids.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Get it? Because Obamacare is worse than all those other things put together.

See how easy it is to fix everything? Just get yourself a camera and a few actors, throw in some peppy music and few pop-culture references for the kids, and Obamacare is back to being awesome. Yay!

Of course, the young fella couldn’t sign up for this boondoggle even if he wanted to, which he doesn’t. But then, it wouldn’t be Obamacare if it wasn’t based on lies.

Courtesy of Organizing for Action’s official @Obamacare Twitter feed, which is back up and running after a brief hiatus while they scrubbed all the $#!+ off the fan.

Update: I think somebody needs a looooooong vacation…