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White House uses Twitter to lie about Obamacare

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Which is a good idea. It’s much quicker to send out their own false information on Twitter, rather than wait for their stenographers to cut-and-paste it into their “newspapers.”

Roberta Rampton, Reuters:

Besieged by unflattering stories about the launch of President Barack Obama’s healthcare program, the White House saw a news report that it wanted to swiftly knock down.

It was from NBC, which said that Obama had overpromised when he said Americans who liked their insurance could keep it, and that the president knew that many people would see their coverage change.

White House officials quickly began firing off a barrage of tweets on Twitter, which has become one of the administration’s most potent and relied-upon weapons in trying to shape public opinion and media reports…

Under a strategy championed by Obama’s senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer, the White House has doubled its footprint on Twitter since July, giving official accounts on the social media web site to more than a dozen additional communications staffers.

You know why? Because Twitter is a website that actually works. Well, most of the time.

As you may recall, last month Twitter expert Pfeiffer used it to accidentally expose his real feelings about his boss:

Whenever these guys reveal what they’re really thinking, it’s always by accident.

Meanwhile, if you disseminate actual facts about Obamacare, your Twitter account might get suspended.

Why are Obamacare’s defenders so scared of the truth? Because it interferes with their goals. Keep telling it to them. They can’t shut up all of us.

(Hat tip: Jeff Dunetz)

Update: And no, Obama did not “overpromise.” He lied. And lied, and lied, and lied.

Update: Here we see the master in action.

Update: If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, unless you can’t keep your plan that you like because Obama doesn’t like it.