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Holder: Hey, we still might go after George Zimmerman, maybe

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Sure. Why not?

Ben Goad, The Hill:

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday said the Justice Department has not decided whether to file federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman in the 2012 killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watchman who shot and killed Martin in an incident that captured national interest, was acquitted of murder charges in July. But the Justice Department could still pursue a federal civil rights case…

“I’m not sure exactly how much longer that will take, but we will get to a point where we are able to make a determination,” he told reporters at an unrelated news conference at the agency’s headquarters.

Holder did make an uncharacteristic concession to reality, however, noting that “a substantial part was resolved in the case that was tried.” Yeah, it kinda was, wasn’t it? So now they just need to figure out which insubstantial part to resolve.

I know Jamie Foxx really doesn’t like Zimmerman. Maybe you could use that, Eric?

George Zimmerman was tried and found guilty by a race-obsessed media. A jury of his peers disagreed. They based their decision on the actual evidence, not the twisted narrative that was spun around that evidence, often in direct contradiction of it.

But why should that be the end of it? Zimmerman is still alive, isn’t he? And the Obama administration needs distractions, now more than ever. Scapegoating private citizens for political purposes is just how things are done now.

Welcome to Utopia.