Jon Stewart rips broken Obamacare ‘you can keep it’ promise [VIDEO]

Tom House Contributor
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Jon Stewart took another jab at President Barack Obama on Tuesday night’s “Daily Show,” this time over his broken 2009 promises.

This week, the president qualified his repeated claim that if you like your health-care plan, “you can keep it” as millions of Americans are reportedly being told that their current plans do not meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act.

On Tuesday night, Stewart made it a special point to emphasize the weight Obama put on his promise.

“How would that definitive statement sound post-implementation of said new health-care act, when it has become abundantly clear that you cannot always keep your plan or your doctor?” Stewart asked.

The show cut to a clip of Obama on Monday night attempting to add a memorandum to his 2009 statement: if it hasn’t changed since the Affordable Care Act’s passage.

“No,” Stewart said. “What you said was, ‘You can keep it. Period.’ Now what you said there was more like, ‘You can keep your health-care plan — ellipses, comma, because it may no longer meet the minimum requirements, or your insurance company may stop offering individual plans, or some other odd bureaucratic unintended off-shoot — period, emoticon depicting a combination of embarrassment and arrogance.”

Stewart, who said Obama was “somewhat dishonest,” also took aim at at the law’s opponents who have been “lying like motherf***ers” about the aftermath of its rollout.

“So my guess is you’re gonna be able to find some people who do not benefit from this [law] and some people who are actually being burdened by this law but don’t pretend the old system was a cocoon,” Stewart said.


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