Marion Barry’s office has supportive words for crack-smoking Toronto mayor

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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D.C. City Councilman and former mayor Marion Barry’s office has stepped up to offer some support Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford, and claimed that other politicians are on the pipe, as well.

Ford admitted that he smoked crack “probably a year ago…in a drunken stupor,” apologized, and held a press conference Tuesday in which he refused to resign.

“So the post is now a tabloid? He’s 77. Getting over another hypoglycemic attack. Served city 31 yrs. Move on,” tweeted Barry’s official Twitter account, in response to the Washington Post headline, “Rob Ford vs. Marion Barry: Who said it best?”

The tweet was credited to “MB’s tweet team,” indicating that it was posted by the Barry staffers responsible for his much-quoted Twitter account.

After another Twitter user replied, “he was also the only other notable mayor to do crack,” Barry’s account stepped up for Ford again, and also broke some news.

“…to get caught. Do u really want to know how many politicians overcame or still struggle w/addiction,” Barry’s account tweeted. The second tweet was not explicitly credited to Barry’s staff.

Barry, 77, was caught smoking crack during his mayoralty in 1990 after a “bitch set [him] up,” according to Barry. After serving time in prison, he was later elected to another term as mayor and is now a Ted Kennedy-style lion of the D.C. City Council.

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