Samsung’s big ambitions: Smartphones with 560 ppi in 2014, 4K displays in 2015

BGR Contributor
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Samsung phones already have some of the best displays out there and they’re going to get a lot better next year. AndroidBeat notes that Samsung said during its big analyst event in South Korea this week that it plans on unveiling smartphone displays that have a resolutions of 560 pixels per inch next year and that it hopes to roll out smartphones with 4K displays in 2015. To get a sense of how strong this resolution is, consider that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has a resolution of 441 ppi while the iPhone 5s has a resolution of just 326 ppi. A smartphone display with 560 ppi would also top the 538 ppi display panel that LG unveiled this past summer, although when display resolutions are this high it’s very unlikely that most people’s eyes will be able to notice the difference between the two.