Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood mock Obamacare at Country Music Awards

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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At the Country Music Awards on Wednesday night, the fallout from the troubled rollout of Obamacare further made its way into pop culture.

Country music stars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood took a jab at the Affordable Care Act after Paisley “twerked” his back. Underwood suggested Paisley seek medical care through the Obamacare website.

The two then viewed site only to find that it was inoperable and caused Underwood’s computer to start smoking. They then broke out in a song mocking the law to the tune of George Strait’s classic song “Amarillo By Morning.”

Lyrics as follows:

Obamacare by morning
Why is this takin’ so long?
I’m gonna wind up with hemorrhoids
If I sit here ‘til dawn
We’ll have cataracts and dementia
Oh this is gettin’ on my last nerve
Obamacare by morning
Over six people served

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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