Delaware boasts 4 Obamacare enrollees at $1 million a pop

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In just over a month, Delaware’s Obamacare exchange has managed to enroll just four people — at a whooping cost to taxpayers of $1 million per enrollee.

The Associated Press reports that as of Tuesday, exchange guides said 218 accounts had been created, 31 enrollment applications had been completed, and four people had enrolled.

The Obamacare exchanges opened on Oct. 1.

The four enrollments came from two of the four community organizations paid $4 million in federal grants to guide people through the exchanges.

According to the AP, Brandywine Women’s Health Associates reported enrolling three people, the Christiana Care Health Services reported one enrollment. The other two guide organizations — the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care in and Westside Family Healthcare — have both failed to create a single account, enrollment or application.

Website problems and hiccups with guides background checks, officials told the Associated Press contributed to the low enrollment.

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