Hockey player gets put through glass, fan steals his helmet [VIDEO]

Jordan Demcher Contributor
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The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Winnipeg Jets 4-1 on Wednesday night in Chicago.

During the third period, Blackhawks’ forward Brandon Bollig and Jets’ defenseman Adam Pardy went after a loose puck in the corner. Bollig laid a violent, but perfectly clean, hit on Pardy which sent the Jets’ player through the glass.

While the glass was out of the paneling, one Chicago fan saw an opportunity and seized it. The probably-more-than-a-little-intoxicated fan reached down and ripped Pardy’s helmet right off of his head, and decided to try on the Bauer bucket for a few seconds before returning it back to its rightful owner.

Don’t enter the fans’ side of the glass if you can’t handle the consequences.

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