100,000 humorless goons sign White House petition to censor Jimmy Kimmel

Robby Soave Reporter
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A petition calling for President Obama to investigate ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” over a recent politically incorrect segment has garnered 100,000 signatures, earning an official response from the White House.

The segment aired on October 16th, and involved host Jimmy Kimmel interviewing kids about important public policy questions for a skit called “Kids Table.” When Kimmel asked what the government should do about the substantial debt the U.S. owes to China, a six-year-old boy named Braxton responded, “Kill everyone in China.”

Later, Kimmel humorously polled the group of six year olds on the question of whether the U.S. should allow the Chinese to live. The kids then debated whether China would retaliate against the U.S. for killing everyone in the country, prompting Kimmel to declare this “Kids Table: The Lord of the Flies Edition.”

An anonymous petitioner did not find the segment funny, and penned a petition on the Whitehouse.gov site asking the government to investigate Kimmel’s show.

“I was very disturbed by Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Kids Table’ show,” wrote the petitioner. “The kids might not know anything better. However, Jimmy Kimmel and ABC’s management are adults. They had a choice not to air this racist program, which promotes racial hatred.”

The petition demands that Kimmel apologize and scrap Kids Table.

“Please immediately cut the show and issue a formal apology,” it says.

In fact, Kimmel already apologized, as did a spokesperson for ABC.

“We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large,” said ABC in a statement.

But the petition continued to garner signatures, crossing the 100,000 mark on Thursday.

The White House has vowed to issue a response to the petition, as it generally does for all petitions that reach 100,000, according to Deadline Hollywood.

No word yet on whether Obama’s statement will express solidarity with the very serious advice of Kimmel’s kids to just kill all the Chinese.


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