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Barack Obama: Glitch set me up!

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In addition to saying “I” when he’s lying about his supposed accomplishments and “we” when he’s lying about his unequivocal failures, President Obama has a bad habit of forgetting that there are other people on the planet besides himself.

Here’s the latest example, courtesy of Newsbusters:

“Given that I’ve been burned already with a website– Well, more importantly, the American people have been burned by a website that’s been dysfunctional…”

No, no, Barry, you had it right the first time. So what if millions of people are losing their health insurance because of this stupid law that even you’ve given up pretending to understand? So what if this is all a huge waste of time and money, and will continue to consume more and more of both? So what if a lot of people are going to suffer because of your lies and ineptitude?

This is all about you.