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Chris Matthews, of all people, makes fat joke about Chris Christie

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He does know we can see him, right? Not that very many of us watch his awful show…

So this happened at some stupid event in Philly yesterday. Courtesy of iOwnTheWorld:

Get it? Because Chris Christie crushes his wife during sex. On account of him being so fat and all.

As John Nolte notes:

The media love Christie when he is hugging Barack Obama and trashing conservatives. But the media also know that he is about to threaten Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the White House. By laying the groundwork with the weight issue now, the media hope to turn Christie into a national fat joke as a way to undermine his candidacy.

I’m ambivalent about Christie, myself. And yeah, he’s a great big fat person. It’s just funny to watch these shameless hacks embarrass themselves. Then they’ll turn right around and act outraged when we joke about Michael Moore. Or, let’s face it, Hillary Clinton. She ain’t exactly the picture of health either.

Never let it be said that leftists don’t have standards. They’ve got two whole sets of ’em!

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