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David Hasselhoff sings the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song

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It’s Friday, and I’m tired of being lied to. You know who’s never lied to me? David Hasselhoff. Not that he wouldn’t, if we ever met. Maybe he wouldn’t. Nah, he’d probably just tell me to get off his property and the police are on their way.

Anyhow, this video made me happy for a few minutes, and I hope it does the same for you:

Why would somebody do this? Why wouldn’t somebody do this? The dude is named Matthijs Vlot and he lives in the Netherlands. He’s @yomattie on Twitter and I just followed him because he is now my favorite person for a little bit.

However, this is only the second-greatest Hasselhoff music video ever made. Prepare yourselves, my friends:


What’s that you say? Oh, nonsense. You just don’t know anything about good music.

(Hat tip: IMAO)