Federal lawsuit: cop tasered woman who wouldn’t show her boobs to him

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An Arkansas woman has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that a police officer tasered her after she refused to expose her breasts and let him leer at them.

The alleged incident occurred on Dec. 13, 2011, reports Courthouse News Service.

The plaintiff is Ashlea Bennett. The defendants are the police officer, Brandon Carter, and the city of Haskell, Ark. (pop. 3,990),  which is about 30 miles southwest of Little Rock.

The events giving rise to the lawsuit allegedly occurred at Bennett’s unspecified place of employment. The complaint says Carter showed up in his full cop getup and while on duty. He persistently “demanded that she expose her breasts to him.”

It’s not clear if Bennett’s workplace is located in the tiny, rural hamlet of Haskell. It’s also not clear if Carter is still a cop there.

After Bennett’s repeated refusals to expose herself, the complaint charges, “Carter drew his City of Haskell-issued electroshock Taser weapon.” He pointed it in Bennett’s direction. He threatened to taser the woman.

Bennett’s response was to try to flee.

The complaint alleges that the sick cop then chased Bennett around her place of work and “activated and deployed his electroshock Taser weapon in ‘drive stun’ mode numerous times at or directed at the plaintiff.”

Bennett also claims that Carter had stalked her previously, making “inappropriate sexual comments” and directing her to expose herself for his enjoyment.

The federal complaint seeks compensatory and punitive damages for a number of civil rights violations and other alleged wrongs.

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