Limbaugh to Media Matters: Quote me, Obama wants everyone ‘to lose the health care plan’ [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Friday radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh had a message he wanted left-leaning websites to report on and filter throughout the media: President Barack Obama intended for his 2010 health care reform plan to cause Americans to lose their health insurance plan.

According to Limbaugh, everyone would have to be without a healthcare plan for Obamacare to work in the long run.

“I rarely do this, but I want to make an appeal. I want to make an appeal to Media Matters, the Daily Kos, the Democrat Underground, Organizing for America, Think Progress, the Poynter, every one of you left wing websites,” Limbaugh said. “You have your monitors out there, and you listen to this program each and every day, and you live and breathe for those things that you can take out of context and post about me, and then have your buddies in the mainstream media run with it and create all kinds of controversy and angst. I am making an appeal. I am going to say something I want you to repeat — Media Matters, Think Progress, Americans for Democratic Action, Students for a Democrat Society, the Black Panthers, the New Black Panthers, all of you.”

“Who am I leaving out?” he continued. “Daily Kos, Democrat Underground, I don’t want to leave anybody out.  I want to say something, and I’m begging you to quote me. Americans had to lose their healthcare plans in order to for Obamacare to work.  There was never any intention for anybody to keep their current plan.  The only way Obamacare could work, as designed by Obama and the Democrats, is precisely because people would lose their plan.  It had to happen that way.  The only way Obamacare could work, the only way Obama could reform the healthcare system the way he wants to reform it is, precisely if everybody lost their plan.”

Part of the process to achieve this goal meant Obama needed to lie to voters — which is exactly what the president did, Limbaugh asserted. But the ultimate goal of Obamacare was to implement a single-payer health care system, one which Limbaugh likened to communism.

“There was never, ever any intention that you keep your plan, whether you liked it or not,” Limbaugh said. “You were lied to, blatantly, strategically, tactically and purposefully.  The President of the United States knew that the only way to sell you on his reform was to lie about it, and that was to put you off guard and to relax any tension that you might use to oppose it by telling you that if you like yours, you can keep it, no big deal.  Nothing’s going to happen to you, which tells us that the vast majority of the American people like their plans and didn’t want anything to change.  And that’s why all hell’s breaking loose now. But the simple fact is that for Obamacare to become what he wants it to become, you were never going to keep your plan.  You were never going to be allowed to keep your plan.  It had to happen this way.  By the way, this term ‘single payer,’ that does not properly describe what it really is.”

“In fact, describing what Obama wants and what the Democrats want as single payer might actually be a disservice, because it sounds really clean,” he continued. “Single payer:  You go to the doctor, and one agency pays for it.  No insurance company, no middlemen, no forms.  You go to the doctor and you submit it to the government, single payer.  That’s not what it is.  Single payer is no more than communism.  Maybe socialism, communism, the government owns the means of production, and they’re not going to do that, but they will own the behavior of the hospitals, and they will own the behavior of the doctors by virtue of how they are paid.  But this is pure collectivism.  It is total government control over every aspect of your life.  That’s what single payer is.  It’s not convenient. It’s not an improvement.  It is an overwhelming loss of individual liberty and freedom, and I’ll just say it one more time: You had to lose your plan to get what he wants.”

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