Adorable kid in tiger costume makes friends with real-life tiger cub at the zoo

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The Daily Caller has seen way too much absurdity in the wake of this most recent Halloween.

For example, there was the Muslim student at Washington University all bent out of shape because some dudes dressed up as Navy SEALs capturing Osama bin Laden with water guns. And there was the Christian kid who got pulled out of class because he dressed as Jesus Christ.

The 2013 Halloween season was far from a total bust, though. Kids all over had plenty of fun. Marshall Shaffer, the two-year-old boy in the two videos below, may have had the most fun of all.

Marshall’s parents decked him out in an adorable plush tiger costume (with tail!) and took him to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Wash. At the zoo, he played with a six-month-old Sumatran tiger cub named Kali.

The rambunctious boy and his almost-as- rambunctious tiger cub pal are separated by a glass wall.

The two videos have been viewed over 1.86 million times — and counting — since Marshall’s parents, Heath and Jackie Shaffer, uploaded them on YouTube.


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