Daily Caller Patriot: This LSU fan who acted like a T-Rex on national TV [GIF]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Daily Caller Patriots are like four-leaf clovers: they are both mythical and difficult to find and identify. It is an honor that we give out sparingly. The person who earns the title is defined as, “Someone who stands up for individual liberty in the most awesomely ridiculous, obnoxious or just outright stupid way possible.”

Previous DC Patriots have been elderly men who have written songs for Mitt Romney and the apocalypse; a nice lady who can play flip cup with her rear end; the NFL player who peed on the IRS building; and, regrettably, a homeless hitchhiker who saved the day and then later wound up (allegedly) killing someone (his title has been suspended until proven guilty).

This week’s DC Patriot is the Louisiana State University fan who acted like a dinosaur on national television. After the Tigers scored a touchdown against Alabama, the camera panned to a group of celebrating LSU fans. In the midst of the celebration, one lone patriot was pretending to be a T-Rex.

The Huffington Post identified this patriot as a (probably hammered) LSU engineering student Caleb Bates, and he is a Daily Caller Patriot because he does whatever the hell he wants on national TV.

Thank you, Caleb, for standing up for liberty in the stupidest way possible.


(Full disclosure: This author of this post is a die-hard LSU fan.)

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