WSJ: Fewer than 50,000 Obamacare enrollments

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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Fewer than 50,000 people successfully enrolled in a private health insurance plan through Healthcare.gov since Oct. 1, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The enrollment numbers — between 40,000 and 50,000 enrollments — are a fraction of the 500,000 people the Obama administration hoped would sign up during October — a mere 10 percent. The tally did not include Medicaid signups, according to the Washington Post.

As the White House prepares to release its official numbers, however, the public could expect to see a somewhat inflated tally from the administration.

“One administration official said Monday that the official figure will include people who have paid for a health plan and those who simply picked a plan and put it in their online shopping cart,” The Washington Post reports.

The move would not be out of the ordinary for the White House, which in October touted incomplete health-care applications in California as evidence of the public’s enthusiasm for Obamacare.

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