Conservative Republicans: Support for Obamacare alternative building momentum

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With the Obama administration scrambling to salvage its botched Obamacare rollout, the conservative Republican Study Committee said Wednesday that its Obamacare alternative has gained support.

“I’m proud of the momentum we continue to build for our common-sense alternative to President Obama’s health care law as we work to reform our broken health care system,” RSC Chairman Steve Scalise said, announcing the 102nd cosponsor to the RSC’s American Health Care Reform Act.

The RSC introduced their plan to repeal and replace the president’s signature health-care law in September, touting the plan as an alternative to Obamacare that would fulfill the law’s promises of increased access and lower-costs via a market-based approach to health care.

“American families and small businesses deserve and demand real solutions to the serious problems that exist in our health care system,” Scalise added Wednesday. “While we watch the train wreck that is the rollout of President Obama’s health care law, it is encouraging to see my colleagues rally around the patient-centered solutions we have outlined to lower health care costs and increase access so families can once again make their own health care choices free from the interference of Washington politicians and federal agencies like the IRS.”

All 102 cosponsors are Republicans, but not all are RSC members.

“We’re seeing more reasons every day why President Obama’s health care law is the wrong answer to our nation’s health care problems,” Tennessee Republican Rep. Phil Roe, the chair of the RSC’s Health Care Working Group said Wednesday.

“The support behind the RSC proposal is proof that Republicans do have a plan for patient-centered, commonsense health care reform that lowers health care costs, improves insurance choices and creates true portability with your plan.”

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