Coulter: Voters won’t ‘be able to find an American-educated doctor’ under Obamacare [VIDEO]

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As Obamacare continues to get more and more bad press and President Barack Obama’s second term agenda suffers, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz will look better for his October government shutdown strategy, according to conservative commmentator Ann Coulter.

But, she added, that will come at a cost.

“Now you see the genius of what [Cruz] did,” Coulter, author of “Never Trust a Liberal over 3 — Especially a Republican,” said on Mark Simone’s radio program broadcasted on 710 AM WOR in New York City said on Wednesday. “I think it’s better branding Republicans as just anti-Obamacare, because this is becoming a disaster. Anyone who doubted my love [for] Ted Cruz before can see what a genius plan it was as the whole thing falls apart immediately after. Republicans have come out strong against Obamacare, and calmed people like you and me. I mean, we’re used to Democrats getting their ill-gotten gains. Usually Republicans just get into office and [say], ‘Oh well, OK. You won that one.’ This… gives right-wingers — well, all Americans hope that Republicans are going to revisit the issue of Obamacare. And now the whole thing is falling apart, and Ted Cruz comes out smelling like a rose.”

There are consequences for Americans, however, are dire — many will not be able to keep their doctors, even if they take comparable plans in the Obamacare exchanges, Coulter said.

“An awful lot of doctors are being dumped by these exchange insurance programs, or all kinds of insurers,” she said. “They want to keep their doctors and their plans who do the least work so it won’t cost them very much money. As you and I have been assured by many of our doctor friends — you will not be able to find an American-educated doctor in any of these exchange plans. It’s a total disaster and everyone knew it would be a disaster.”

Coulter contended that although this administration has gotten a pass on some controversies, avoiding the consequences of “wrecking” health care won’t be as easy since there’s a direct impact on people regardless of what the media report.

“I mean, look at what he’s been able to get away with on Benghazi, on the IRS targeting tea party groups,” she continued. “You see that article — a study that came out by AEI this week indicating that if the tea party had been as active in 2012 as it was in 2010 Romney would have won with the difference of about 5 million votes? From tea party activity and ginning people up and so on and so forth. And so the IRS targeting of tea party groups seems to have actually affected a presidential election. And yes, Obama has totally skated on that. I think he thought he could do the same thing to wrecking our health care. But I don’t see how it works this time. It’s not like the media by just not covering it can prevent people from noticing when they get an insurance cancelation notice in the mail or suddenly they’re paying $600 more a month for their insurance with a higher deductible and fewer doctors.”

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