The case for impeaching President Obama

David Seaman Host, "The David Seaman Hour"
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As pointed out in my video above, we’ve gone far beyond the point of no return: Obama must be impeached. His crimes against the nation are too great to be dismissed by cable pundits as “well-intentioned.” Intentions do not matter; he’s causing tangible harm to our way of life, subverting our laws, damaging our values — it would take an honest leader almost a full term just to unravel the hive of deception and doublespeak that is the Obama administration.

Recently I read about the chaos and poverty in Venezuela, and how their government seized a popular electronics retail chain by force, the country’s equivalent of Best Buy. It was a blatant attempt to appease the poorest, least educated members of society with government-subsidized flatscreen TVs before a crucial election.

If only their people would see this for what it is! A nation with as much oil wealth as Venezuela could be paved with gold overnight if their petty, vindictive government would get out of the way and allow some semblance of a free market to take root.

But how can I criticize Venezuela when something similar is taking shape here at home in the United States? The American people, through overwork, exhaustion, and with a media utterly in the administration’s pocket, have allowed Obama to subvert the Constitution and curtail their civil liberties.

He signed into law the annual National Defense Authorization Act with Section 1021 intact, ignoring the pleas of civil liberties organizations. As law professor Jonathan Turley explained in The Guardian at the time, the NDAA allows him to indefinitely detain citizens without a trial. Think about the insanity of that, the utter un-American nature of imprisonment for an indefinite period of time without charge or trial. It sounds like something a Venezuelan or Chinese leader would do.

Obama has also been supportive of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a sinister trade agreement that would implement “supranational” litigation tribunals to go after alleged online intellectual property violators — completely indifferently to sovereignty and laws of the United States and other nations.

Obama, far from the antidote to the hardline national security practices of the Bush era, has doubled down on secrecy — treating patriotic American journalists as enemies of the state and wiretapping Fox News and AP phone lines — and has continued the operation of the extrajudicial detainment and interrogation facilities in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

He has overseen an unprecedented remote-controlled war in countries we are not officially at war with, using drones, and in the process has killed civilians “at random.”

Numerous human rights groups consider this to be a violation of international law, and a possible war crime.

He has placed more than one-sixth of the American economy in the hands of unelected, incompetent bureaucrats. The Obamacare rollout is a global embarrassment to our nation. 44 years ago, American ingenuity put humans on the Moon; today we are told designing a web site with several years of lead time and more than half a billion dollars is impossibly ambitious.

And according to my state’s insurance commissioner, more than one million Californians are having their existing insurance cancelled as a result of Obamacare. One million people thrown into uncertainty and chaos. And that’s just in my state!

I won’t even get started with Obama’s perplexing defenses of power abuses within the NSA and Justice Department, and his inability to fire those who knowingly bulldoze the Constitution.

Impeachment is the word that should be chanted from every rooftop, tapped out on every keyboard, and discussed at every coffee shop and dinner table in America.