15 hottest moments from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show [SLIDESHOW]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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So, does the Victoria’s Secret “Fashion” Show make zero sense, or is it just us?

Each year — just before the holiday feasting season — Victoria’s Secret likes to parade around the hottest women on earth to remind us all of the fact that either a) we do not look like a supermodels or b) we will never get with a supermodel. (Sorry if that was way harsh.)

The “fashion show” is essentially a bunch of supermodels walking down a runway in lingerie that is for some reason covered up by wings, feathers, bizarre headdresses and other unnecessary paraphernalia. (You probably stopped reading at “a bunch of supermodels,” which is why this whole thing exists anyway.)

Let’s get to the point: Here are the 15 hottest moments from the 2013 fashion show.

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