Bus driver beatdown features stun gun, minor scratches

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While the school bus depot Portsmouth, Va. may not be a very happening place most of the time, it was certainly the place to be on Tuesday afternoon when two female Portsmouth Public Schools drivers got into a bus-yard brawl that included a stun gun.

At about 1:30 p.m., drivers Shannon Carter-Brooks and Vonda Braswell threw down, reports local NBC affiliate WAVY.

The two women were preparing for their ordinary afternoon routes when tempers flared over some unidentified issue. They exchanged harsh words.

Violence eventually ensued and the two women had to be physically separated by other people present at the bus depot.

Next, Carter-Brooks, 34, briefly left the scene of the melee. She went to her car and returned with her trusty stun gun.

Carter-Brooks then used the incapacitating weapon to zap Braswell, 36, several times before onlookers managed to restrain her.

A police report obtained by the Suffolk News-Herald says that both women ended up with minor scratches.

While Braswell seems to have gotten the worst of the fight, she fared better after the police showed up. Police gave Braswell a summons for assault and battery, then released her.

Carter-Brooks was charged with assault and battery, too. She was also charged with possession of a stun gun on school property.

Police took Carter-Brooks into custody as well.

The school district does not allow employees to have weapons — including stun guns — on school property or in school vehicles, notes The Virginian-Pilot.

There were no students hanging around the school bus depot to witness the brawl.

The school district is conducting an internal investigation of the incident. In the meantime, both drivers still have jobs and, presumably, are still collecting their salaries.

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