Howard Dean: I wonder if Obama has ‘the legal authority’ for this Obamacare fix

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Immediately following President Barack Obama’s press conference on Thursday — in which he proposed a one-year fix for Obamacare — former Democratic National Committee chairman and Vermont Gov. Howard Dean question if Obama actually could legally do what he had proposed.

“A) I wonder he had the legal authority to do this since this was a congressional bill that set this up,” Dean said. “And b) I stick to what I said before the president came on, which is if you want to make it work, you’ve got to get people in the system. And the website is not going to work for awhile — have a call center someplace.”

Dean noted that the fifth year of a presidency is an historically bad year and, despite the low spirits among Obama supporters, things will get better.

“This will get better,” Dean added. “I mean, the fifth year is an awful year, a lot of pundits have said. It’s true. It’s a lot of piling on. I think some of his own supporters are demoralized. The website will get fixed. This will get better and Obamacare will be the law of the land and guess what? It will work.”

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