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I’m pretty sure China is ordering Jimmy Kimmel to kill that little kid

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In case you missed it, a few weeks ago the following segment appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Some people got upset, or at least pretended to be for political purposes, and Kimmel and ABC apologized.

So of course, now the Chinese government is saying stuff like this:

“The Chinese community in the U.S. has marched to protest against the offensive comment recently broadcast by ABC against China. It’s necessary to point out that this is the media’s responsibility, to avoid disseminating ideas of racism and racial hatred. ABC should face up to its mistakes, respond to the just requirements of the Chinese community with a sincere attitude, and prevent a repetition of such incidents.”

China’s meaning is clear: Such incidents must not be repeated. Little Braxton must be silenced.


Your move, Kimmel.

(Hat tip: AV Club)

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