Rob Ford gets reality series on Sun News Network

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Maybe we shouldn’t be giving Canada such a bad rap, because apparently it has a pretty good sense of humor: A Toronto television station is giving crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford his own reality series.

“Ford Nation” starring Rob and his city councilor brother Doug premieres Monday on the Sun News Network, the Toronto Sun reports.

The brothers’ radio show was canceled last Sunday in the wake of the mayor’s crack-smoking antics and ridiculous comments, which was dumb because everyone loves insane political figures.

“Rob is like Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh,” Doug said. “You just never know what he is going to say.” Yeah, no kidding.

The city council — minus Doug — voted to take away some of the mayor’s powers, but the council doesn’t have the authority force him out of office unless he is convicted of a crime. Ford has announced he won’t go voluntarily.

Instead, he will remain mayor while also starring on a reality show and, perhaps, smoking some crack from time to time in one of his self-admitted drunken stupors.

If only reality TV had been prominent during Marion Barry’s mayoralty.

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